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Short review of Unicorn Audio conditioner.

After installing the excellent lamps provided by Piotr Susuł, on my Verdiers (triode spirit 300B and audio bloc on EL 34) I was, for the first time, able to hear all the weaknesses caused by the power supply. I had to get rid of my (rather basic) power strip and look for something more appropriate. For testing, I have received a beautiful device in a cupreous casing weighting up equally to a good amplifier.

Having been connected to the system, I felt a real relief as everything can be recorded well, clearly and definitely better than previously.

In order to make a proper comparison, I borrowed IsoTek-Aurius – a model that was highly appreciated and recommended by two of my colleagues.

When I exchanged Unicorn with IsoTek my world turned into grey once again and the music lost its soul and all the beloved magic given by my Verdiers. The test didn’t last for long – I couldn’t resist the craving for plugging in the cupreous power station back.

The colours, the heyday of mids and bass, the depth of soundstage, the audibility of acoustic rooms where the recording took place were all back!

And this is how it works until today. Unicorn has become an integral part of my system and I can highly recommend it to everyone.

Waldemar Szeszuła, an architect, 53.

I have been working with Piotr Susuł and his companies since 2015. He has been providing me with lamps to all of the devices I use (and they have always been perfectly adjusted, by no means). He also services my equipment and advises what to change in order to get better results.

Piotr is also a designer and producer of studio conditioner that I installed in my own studio in order to filter the electric tension.

The conditioner is the first point of the electric chain in my studio and it is the thing I currently cannot imagine working without. Not only does it improve the quality of the sound and studio production significantly, but also it extends the entire accessories’ life.

It’s worth mentioning that when I move to the countryside, the previous auto conditioner did not withstand the constant brownouts (a typical problem in small villages) and stopped working after 2 year.

I really recommend having such wonderful people next to you!

Karol Mozgawa ( Studio DEAS )

It’s been couple of hours since my first listening with the Unicorn Audio conditioner within my system and I’m still lost for words when I’m trying to describe what I have heard… or to be more precise: what I felt.
But ad rem to the matter.

Before plugging in the Vertico, I thought that my system (Accuphase, Leben, Dynaudio) gives me everything I need.

Better or worse, but it worked rather fine. When Piotr Susuł brought – or rather schlepped – the Unicorn Audio conditioner and we exchanged my IsoTek with the new one, it turned out that only now nothing is missed!!!

For the first time I heard what “black background sound” means. This real, never-ending one and there was also something else. I can’t even name it.

It was the first time when I actually heard the way the pianist touches/strokes the piano keyboard.

There were several other „first times”, but I would prefer to keep them secret.

I am deeply confirmed that everyone who loves beautiful sounds will appreciate the glory which Audio Unicorn adds to EVERY system.

Tomek Czeczótko, a journalist

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