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The Unicorn Audio company is every audiophile and every music lover’s answer to the question “Can my audio system play better?”

The creation of our devices is based on ours and our associates perennial experience in the audio and studio industry as well as on the engineering knowledge supported by our clients’ success and opinions. In order to build our devices we use the best solutions and the best materials like special supply cables alongside with the tiniest elements of the device’s interior. We use highly advanced electromagnetic screening order to maintain clean and undisturbed sound.

Our experience in the studio and audiophile job has enabled us to remove hundreds of audio systems weak points. To begin with supply where the specially created transformers, appealing to the best audio practices are used, through the best NOS vacuum tubes and passive elements where we use components of such companies as Jupier, Jensen, Mundorf, Allen Bradley, Shinkoh, Kiwame, Furutech, Audio Note, WBT, to the specially designed speaker cables and casings.

Our work is always assessed taking under consideration the substantive effects, not the assumptions that “maybe it’s a bit better” or the comments that “the system plays well; it’s the client who hears weak” ?. This is not the way we work.

We don’t expect you to fondly believe in our solutions but our devices are the ones that introduce the real, good change. This is why -after paying the deposit and confirming the way and dates of the shipment – we offer you to test our devices within your own system.

If you ask yourself a question “Can my system play better”, we will answer….

“Yes, it can! We have many happy and satisfied customers who helped us to create Unicorn Audio.”



We recommend you the tutorials about audio and studio systems.
We are here to improve your system.

Piotr Susuł
Founder and owner of Unicorn Audio and

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