All-or-nothing device. Our clients think that this is more than a supply device. They see it as a piece of technological art that provides 100% of audiophile supply. Every detail of this conditioner was made with a special attention in order to create the best supply for the audio devices.

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Pure cooper Hi End

The very heart of this conditioner is the specially designed encapsulated and screening transformer placed on the uniquely created anti-vibration supports made out of aviation aluminium and tungsten carbide. The internal installation consists of copper, cryogenic runners with 120A throughput, screening can which forbids the magnetic field generated by the conducting elements to penetrate. Additionally, in order to design this construction, we used the best plugs and Furutech NFC sockets. The supply cable made of the directional Furutech OCC wire – alpha or the wire created by our company – and it constitutes the integral part of the conditioner. Sockets used for supplying the digital devices are additionally magnetically filtered by filters that were specially designed to fulfil this particular function.

The entirety of the device is placed within a cupreous, polished and engraved casing that enriches the device with beauty and unique aesthetic dimension.

One of the main characteristic features of the Pure Cooper Hi-Eng conditioner is the fact that there’s no passive element within the audio device. But for this, the sound is not disturbed and can be available to its whole extend.

The conditioner is built in order to supply the whole audio system.  It consists of two sockets supplying the power whips, preamplifiers, analogue and digital power suppliers. Every pair of described sockets is build up of the supply solutions dedicated to the above mentioned elements of the system.

We spent 6 years, conducted number of trails and tests and now we are proud to share the effects of our work with you. We hope that it will introduce significant changes into your audio systems and will impress you with its virtue and opportunities.